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Battle Hill Bolero

This book isn't out yet, but through the magic of time travel, I received a copy last week and devoured it in two days. There. That's the review. Go read the series.

What, I have to give you more than that? Fine. This book brings the Bone Street Rumba to full circle in an epic, nail-biting fashion. If you've not read Half-Resurrection Blues or Midnight Taxi Tango, do yourself a favour and go find them.

Midnight Taxi Tango is definitely my favourite of the trilogy, it just sings loud and powerful. Older has an amazing voice, full of snark and smartassery, and some hard, beautiful truth. Just the way I like it. Battle Hill brings in three new POVs to join Carlos in telling a superb story. This time around, joining big C, we've got a new ghost named Krys, Sasha, and a few delightfully (darkly) cracked scenes from the POV of Caitlin Fern.

Older is a master of characters, giving each one life and depth in a way I haven't seen with other writers. It's a thing of beauty. I was saddened that Reza and Kia were only minor players this time around. They still left their mark, of course, and I hope to see more of them in future stories. There is so much room on Bone Street for more stories, a testament to the richness of the characters.

So the Council of the Dead has grown too corrupt and stagnant so many agents, including Carlos, are working to bring it down from the inside. The events of this book build from the other two, and come back around to the first book, mirroring it, but on a brighter note.

And then, minor spoiler here (stop reading now if you hate spoilers), my favourite death-seeing anti-heroine makes a cameo at the end that absolutely delighted my black little heart. I may have made an undignified noise (and I definitely hugged the book) when I realized the scrawny white chick at the end was none other than Miriam Black. Best crossover ever (no matter how brief). Older nailed it.

So you've got a week. If you haven't read Half-Resurrection Blues or Midnight Taxi Tango, go do it! And then pick up Battle Hill Bolero when it comes out Jan 3.

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