September 16, 2017: Royal Medieval Faire, Waterloo Park



VR Thode erotica short stories: The full, 4-part series for Summer Nights lesbian erotica (from the world of Blueshift), is now available online. Books 1 - 4 in the Death series are also available, and a 3-part collection is coming soon. A new book will be released the first of every month.

Blueshift trilogy, book 1 (Wilder Queen): Revisions complete! I've queried a few agents, including three who took interest in it after a pitch contest. I should know more by September. *fingers crossed*

Blueshift trilogy, book 2: I'm working on the outline for the rewrites

Fireborn 1: The third draft is complete and with beta readers!

Fireborn 2: Second draft revisions are under way! I've received some great feedback on strengthening the opening. I hope to have it ready for beta readers by the end of the summer.



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